Rare chance to see inside one of Malta’s historic forts

If you love Maltese military history, you’re in for a special treat this weekend.

Fort Delimara, which protected Malta’s shores for more than a century, will be open to the public on Saturday.

It’s a rare chance to see inside the historic Victorian fort, with guided tours provided by Heritage Malta.

The fort still retains four of its original complement of 14 Victorian 38 ton muzzle-loading guns mounted on carriages.

Where is Fort Delimara?

Fort Delimara was built by the British between 1876 and 1888 and was one of a ring of forts and batteries protecting Marsaxlokk harbour.

The fort is mostly underground with ventilation apertures and access passageways spread out across the face of the cliff and out onto the seaward face of Delimara Point.

After being used as a pig farm for about 15 years, in 2005 the government handed the fort over to Heritage Malta.

And there’s more!

Heritage Malta will also hold a guided tour of the archaeological site at Tas-Silġ on Saturday.

The site dates back to the Neolithic era.

Archaeological remains indicate it was used throughout the Bronze Age, Phoenician-Punic, Roman, Byzantine and Arabic Periods.

Where do we meet?

Marsaxlokk, next to Tas-Silġ Chapel, at 9am.

For more information, click here.