Queen Confirms Plans To Ban Conversion Therapy In The UK


Conversion therapy will finally be banned in the UK, according to Queen Elizabeth II.


The Queen herself announced this yesterday during her speech to UK parliament.



She also added the government’s plans to enact a law that will illegalise the harmful practice which has been discredited by the NHS and the World Psychiatric Association.



She continued to say that these measures are brought forward to address racial and ethnic disparities and ban conversion therapy.



She ensured that the government in UK is seeking ways to strengthen and renew democracy and the constitution as well as protect freedom of speech and restore balance of power.


This so-called conversion therapy refers to any attempt at changing a person’s sexuality or gender identity through techniques such as electroshock therapy or prayer.


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Following the Queen’s speech, Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities, confirmed that the legislation would come to fruition after a public consultation.


She stated:

 “We want to make sure that people in this country are protected, and these proposals mean nobody will be subjected to coercive and abhorrent conversion therapy’’.


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