Putin’s Black Belt Revoked Following Ukraine Invasion


The sport’s world governing body removed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s honorary Taekwondo black belt on Monday, due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.



In a statement, World Taekwondo said it “strongly condemns the brutal attacks on innocent lives in Ukraine, which go against the World Taekwondo vision of ‘Peace is More Precious than Triumph’ and the World Taekwondo values of respect and tolerance.”




Putin received an honorary black belt from the organization in November 2013, and no Russian or Belarusian national flags or anthems would be exhibited or performed at subsequent World Taekwondo tournaments, according to the club.



According to the statement, both World Taekwondo and the European Taekwondo Union will also not organize any events for the sport in Russia and Belarus. “World Taekwondo’s thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, and we hope for a peaceful and immediate end to this war,” it said.



On Sunday, Putin was suspended as honorary president and ambassador of the International Judo Federation.



FIFA and UEFA has also banned Russia and its teams from all soccer competitions, including the World Cup.