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As Of July 1, VAT Will Be Charged For Parcels Under €22


MaltaPost has issued a warning that there will be a sudden increase in Customs and VAT declarations required from July 1 when the VAT exemption on goods worth less than €22 imported from non-EU countries will be removed.


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As per MaltaPost: ‘Malta Government Customs controls and VAT charges will now apply for all parcels purchased from non-EU countries, including those under €22 in value and which are presently exempted from VAT’.



This means that as of July 1, VAT will be charged and paid at the point-of-sale for parcels not surpassing €150, provided the seller is registered to use the  ‘Import One Stop Shop’ (IOSS).


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As soon as the Customs and VAT declarations submitted are correct, and VAT has been paid at the point of purchase, the parcel will be delivered to the client’s address without any additional fees.



If the online seller does not collect VAT at the point of sale and the parcel is not cleared for Customs and VAT purposes in a transit country in the EU, the parcel will have to be processed through the Customs import system upon arrival in Malta.


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If the parcel is cleared by Customs, the customer will receive a communication from MaltaPost to pay the VAT, Customs Duties, and processing fees online. Once paid, the item will be delivered.



MaltaPost added that the changes shall result in a sharp increase in the number of Customs and VAT declarations that must be submitted. The local courier has also prepared for this change by investing in new IT software. The most convenient option will be to choose non-EU sellers that charge and collect VAT at the point of sale.


This comes after a decision made by the European Commission to improve price transparency and competitive trade for digital consumers in the EU.


You can head over to the official MaltaPost website for more information.