Punic Tomb Dating Back Over 2,000 Years Discovered Near Żabbar


A sealed 2,000-year-old Punic tomb has been unearthed near Żabbar by workers of the Water Services Corporation, who discovered pottery, as well as cremated remains of human bones, in the tomb.



The corporation explained that the sealed tomb was opened, revealing several urns containing the remains of human bones. It also appeared that an adult and a young child were buried there, based on the bones discovered thus far.



Several items typical of the Punic period were also found, including an amphora, two urns, an oil lamp, a glass perfume bottle, and other pieces of pottery from the period.



At present, the material is being excavated from the tomb and transported to a laboratory, where the pottery and bones are being consolidated, cleaned, and analysed.



The Water Services Corporation is also currently extending the drainage network in the south of Malta to areas that make use of cesspits.


Due to the archaeological sensitivity of the location, the Superintendence of Natural Heritage requested an archaeologist to accompany the workers in case ancient remains are found.

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