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Punic Tomb, Complete with Skeleton, Unearthed in Zejtun


Maltese prehistory activates itself again with a new discovery of a Punic tomb, alongside a skeleton and pottery in Zejtun, as announced by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage yesterday.



The Superintendence stated that last week, during the archaeological examining for a plot which is yet to be developed, the Heritage Data Management and Research Unit completed the excavation of a Punic tomb.

The plot of the tomb is within close proximity to other, previously unearthed tombs in Triq Tal-Barrani, Zejtun.



The Punic tomb is made up of a rock-cut shaft and a chamber tomb, found sealed with a sealing slab, and inside, a skeleton alongside some ceramic artifacts.

The Superintendence adds that in the following weeks, osteologists will look further into the discovered skeleton to find out whether it’s a male or female, how old the person was at their death, and if they suffered any illnesses (as well as other data).



As for the pottery, archaeologists and specialists will be taking a closer look at the artifacts to discover an accurate date of burial.



Additionally, the tomb has also been documented and will be protected under the Cultural Heritage Act 2019 and will be listed in the National Inventory. Due to this new, further data, specialists will be able to understand the archaeological landscape of the area better.