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Prof Charmaine Gauci To Be Given Siggiewi’s Highest Honour, And We Couldn’t Agree More!


It was only a matter of time for Malta’s Superhero Prof Charmaine Gauci, the Superintendent of Public Health, to be recognised with merits and awards.

The motion was tabled by PN Local Councillor Alessia Psaila Zammit, Siggiewi’s Minority Leader, and seconded by Councillors Julian Borg and Francine Farrugia. In it, Dr Psaila Zammit proposed that Prof Gauci is awarded the “Onoreficenza Mertu Siggiewi” by the Local Council.

This motion has been approved unanimously by the Local Council.


Charmaine Gauci to deliver COVID-19 bulletin at 12:30pm
Photo: MaltaToday

When presenting the motion, Dr Psaila Zammit had said that Prof Charmaine Gauci, who has been a Siggiewi resident for 24 years, should be given this recognition award, in view of the honest and professional manner in which he has always led as Superintendency of Public Health, including during the Covid-19 pandemic. The motion also said that with her work, Professor Gauci is making not only  Siġġiewi proud, but the whole country.

The minority leader in the Siġġiewi Local Council, Dr. Alessia Psaila Zammit said that local endeavours which are inspired by genuineness in favor of what strengthens the community, has the strength to lead unanimous agreement and overcome partisan politics.

We couldn’t agree more with this gesture and all of us at Bay would like to also show our gratitude to the Prof Gauci’s Sterling Work – and we are sure that this is a sentiment echoed across the Maltese Islands.

Now, where is that Gieh ir-Repubblika award?