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Prisoner Dies After Listening To Baby Shark On Loop

baby shark prisoner


Not safe at last I guess 👀



A US prisoner who claimed his guards subjected him to “torture” by making him listen to the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” on repeat was discovered dead in his cell 🦈


baby shark prisoner



According to a news release, John Basco, 48, was discovered unconscious in his cell at the Oklahoma County Detention Center at around 3.50 am on September 11. Prior to the arrival of emergency personnel, corrections officials resumed their efforts to revive the 48-year-old 👮‍♂️



According to a press release from the jail, paramedics resumed their attempts to revive the prisoner, but he was declared dead just after 4:06 a.m. A drug trafficking complaint led to his imprisonment.


Rest in peace 🕊