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Prince Harry Not Invited To His Father’s Coronation

Another day, another Royal Family drama 👑


Senior family members are afraid that what they say may “turn up in paperback,” therefore they have decided that Prince Harry won’t be allowed to attend King Charles’ coronation.

The Sun can reveal the families of Edward and Anne have serious concerns about Harry and Meghan attending the Coronation

By disclosing private talks in his memoir, Spare, and in TV interviews this week, the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex has shocked the royal family.

A stony-faced King Charles was pictured driving yesterday for the first time since Harry's book hit the shelves

The families of Prince Edward, and Princess Anne, are now worried that later on, intimate information about the Coronation would be used against them. The Coronation, which is only 16 weeks away, is reportedly being worried about becoming a Harry and Meghan circus.