Prince Charles releases turtles at Malta’s Golden Bay

Prince Charles has released three young turtles into the sea off Malta.

The Prince of Wales, 68, met officials and volunteers from Nature Trust, who help care for injured and sick turtles.

Charles then helped the charity’s chairman Vince Attard pick up the turtles before carrying them towards the sea at Golden Bay beach.

Earlier, the royal delivered the keynote speech at the Our Ocean conference in St Julian’s.

He said ‘decisive’ action must be taken now to save the world’s marine life and our oceans.

Charles told the meeting in Malta: ‘We may be able to turn the tide but we must act now act now to stop the elephant in the room, climate change.’

He also spoke of how the growing threat to the world’s marine ecology is at a critical point because of plastic.

Highlighting the huge problem of dumped plastic at sea, Charles said it must be ‘recovered, recycled and re-used instead of created, used and thrown away.’

‘The sense of urgency is still lacking.’

Charles also insisted Commonwealth countries must take ‘a global look’ at over fishing, over capacity and illegal fishing.

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