Prime Minister Robert Abela Acknowledges Sean Meli’s Heroic Rescue


Prime Minister Robert Abela has acknowledged Sean Meli’s efforts in saving a woman and a boy from drowning in Sliema yesterday.



The incident took place on Wednesday at around 7:15pm near Sliema Chalet, as the local police force revealed. Though members of the Civil Protection Unit and District Police arrived on the scene, as well as a medical team from Mater Dei, Meli dived into the sea to grab one of the individuals in difficulty. The drowning people have since been identified as a 37-year-old Libyan male and a 14-year-old Chinese male.


Taking to Facebook, Abela said that he will ensure that Meli will be given some sort of recognition for his act of bravery. ‘The person who heroically saved someone from the jaws of death yesterday should receive recognition for the bravery he displayed,’ he wrote. ‘Society needs to recognise people like him’.



As TVM reported, Meli, holding on to a rope, held onto one of the people as officers pulled them in together. In an interview, also with TVM, Meli spoke out about the incident: ‘I could see that someone was drowning, and I saw a rescue boat circling around for him, and I thought they would rescue him.’


Heroic Sliema man jumps into choppy waters to save victim dragged out at sea


However, then I noticed that the rescue boat couldn’t see the man, that it’s flashlight wasn’t reaching him and that it was turning away. Obviously the police tried to stop me to protect me but I kept on going, stripped down to my boxers and socks and jumped into the sea,’ he added.



‘I was scared that he would die in my arms, which would have been so traumatic. That was the only time I was scared but thankfully he was saved.’.


Some people have even suggested for Meli to receive the Ġieħ ir-Repubblika, Malta’s highest honour.

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