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Pornhub Being Sued By Museums For Kinkily Recreating Famous Works Of Art


Pornhub is being sued shortly after launching an app named ‘Show Me Nudes’, which transforms classic art pieces into porn…



It is undeniable that the most prestigious of galleries are flooded with nude pieces, some even erotic, but Pornhub had plans to change that with the app. For instance, Venus of Urbino – a centrepiece of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Venus – suddenly springs to life through the app.



All such performances are carried out by the adult entertainment troupe My Sweet Apple. These performances even have audio explanations of the paintings. The app explains, ‘As a handy rule, anything you see in a classic nude painting that isn’t obviously kinky… is still definitely meant to represent something kinky.’


Galleries sue Pornhub over a pornographic app that turns famous paintings  into sex scenes - Oddly Interesting


And as a result, the app goes on to provide its own detail about classic works. Describing what Renaissance painter Titian meant by placing a red flower over her genitals, the app wrote: ‘The rumpled sheets are supposed to make this untouchable goddess of love feel like flesh and blood – and pretty much as scruffy as we are.’



‘Also, the fact that this Venus is so nonchalant about displaying all the godly goods – despite the room being weirdly busy for a spot of naked lounging – gives the scene an extra erotic charge.’, it added.


Remove non-consensual content, enforce existing laws: ethics committee on  Pornhub | CTV News


Quite funny, right? Well, the museums and galleries involved don’t seem to think so… The app has now sparked legal repercussions for Pornhub, with many galleries and museums claiming rights infringement. A spokesperson for the Louvre insisted: ‘We expect the works to be removed at once.’



Meanwhile, the app is allegedly attempting to be ‘politically correct’ and is not discussing the darker meanings behind some pieces directly – but the galleries seem to see the venture as an incorrect violation of the works displayed.