Population And Housing Census To Be Held In October 2021


The National Statistics Office has announced that Malta’s Population and Housing Census, the 18th in a line of national censuses conducted since 1842, will be held next year during the month of October.

The Census is a snapshot of the people residing in Malta and the dwelling stock at a point in time.

Census 2021 will involve surveying an estimated population of around half a million living in private households and in about 250 institutional households. The entire population spread over 68 local councils will be evenly divided into over 1,000 enumeration areas.

An enumeration area consists of several streets or parts thereof in a locality and typically encompasses an average of 220 dwellings. The enumeration areas will be assigned to about 1,000 field interviewers recruited purposely for the Census.

These will collect the data directly from the households.



Census 2021 will be marked by important innovations. In line with both Government and NSO policy in adopting environment-friendly measures as well as to automate the collection of data, for the first time, people can opt to fill in the questionnaire through an online form.

The time needed to complete the online questionnaire is approximately 20 minutes for a conventional household of three persons. Another novelty is that the interviewers visiting the households will record the information in tablet computers rather than through the traditional paper questionnaire.

The National Statistics Office has also launched a public consultation for this project. Stakeholders are invited to send their written submissions to email [email protected] by Sunday 31 May 2020.


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