Popular Italian Instagrammer falls head over heels with Gozo

There’s something magical about Malta in winter time that we can’t particularly explain, but can wholly understand.

The streets are quieter, and while everyone is hustling and bustling around their day at work, the tourists are left to wander the country in all its glory, devoid of a mass number of fellow tourists, seeking to learn all they can from our historically rich walls.

One particularly known Italian tourist seems to be enjoying Malta quite a bit!

Instagrammer Giuseppe Cannavo is currently in Malta, getting as many drone and Insta shots of our tiny island as he possibly can!


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He writes: “Being in Malta several times in the past years gave me the opportunity to see it in different habits and conditions so I definitely know do’s and dont’s here. ”

That gorgeous drone shot around Balluta bay is definitely a Do! Now that’s bound to trigger someone’s wanderlust.

I mean my goodness, I live here and it still made me want to visit.

And it also seems like Giuseppe has fallen in love with Gozo, and we honestly don’t blame him. Our sister island is full of hidden gems waiting to be explored, and it seems like Giuseppe spent dome days doing exactly that.


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On his Insta post about Gozo, he writes:

‘Last week me & @luanagazzara decided to take a spontaneous trip to the neighbour islands of Malta.⁣ It’s very touristy but like every place in the world, it has its hidden gems too.⁣

We wanted to do something out of the ordinary and near the sea so we opted to spend most of our time in Gozo. I knew it was nice but I couldn’t expect to stroll trough places like this one! ⁣ It felt like being in another planet’

Giuseppe visited Malta together with his girlfriend Luana Gazzara. They’re still exploring Malta at the moment, with plans to travel to Sicily once this trip is over.

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