Pope Francis’ Official Instagram Account Has Reportedly ‘Liked’ another Model’s Picture


Pope Francis’ Instagram Account has allegedly appeared to have ‘Liked’ Another Model’s Picture of an OnlyFans model, Margot Foxx, in a black bodysuit.


Credit: Twitter


Now, this could be a really convincing Photoshop trick, but it appears that this has happened before… Just about a month ago, the pope also reportedly liked a photo of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto in a schoolgirl outfit.



Naturally, the post was quickly unliked and the official press office for the Holy See released quite a vague statement, ‘We can exclude that the ‘like’ came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations,’ as a Vatican spokesperson explained.


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I mean hey, it’s not the first time we pinned it on Instagram for an accidental like whilst on the odd stalking rampage, right?



However, according to the Catholic News Agency, the Pope’s social media channels are controlled by a team of employees and an internal investigation has been launched into the matter.

As of yet, the Vatican has not made any comments.

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