Police Officers’ Text Messages Talking About Sarah Everard’s Murder Revealed


❗️Trigger Warning❗️


A series of messages sent by Met Police officers during Sarah Everard’s murder investigation have been revealed. After sharing details about Everard’s case and Wayne Couzens’ defence on a messaging app, Sergeant Simon Kempton from the Dorset Police, was accused of breaching standards of courtesy and respect, confidentiality and social media use.



During the investigation, the sergeant was on secondment as treasurer of the Police Federation. On the messaging app, he spoke about the investigation to other members of the Police Federation.


The messages read:


Mr Kempton has denied wrongdoing (Credit: PA)


One of them replied: “The old ‘slipped and fell’, the next thing I knew … He is better off just blaming it on the fact he is ginger.”

Another person wrote: “He had suffered a nasty bang to his head which might explain why he thought that excuse might fly.”



Despite this, Sergeant Kempton denied doing anything wrong and gave evidence at his hearing. He said that he believed these messages had to be shared with the other members of the team to discuss chances of being taken to subsequent press releases. When asked about the tone of his messages, he said: “It was conversational and I regret that in light of where I am sat, but it is conversational because this is a conversation.” He also added that the messages did not show lack of respect and courtesy to Sarah Everard’s family because they were just trying to build some confidence and checking if they needed to prepare some lines for the media


The investigation into Sarah's death is ongoing (Credit: PA)


The misconduct hearing is due to conclude by Friday.