Police officer saves seagull on Malta’s busy Coast Road

A Maltese police officer has been praised on social media after rescuing an exhausted seagull on the busy Coast Road.

Jean Paul Formosa was on patrol when he spotted the bird struggling in the middle of the dual carriageway.

He picked it up, took it to the side of the road, gave it some water and called his colleagues for a vet to help.

Dozens of Facebook users praised his kindness.

A spokesman for Malta Police said: ‘While PS 290 J. Formosa from the traffic section was on patrol at the Coast Road he noticed a seagull in the middle of the road which seemed too tired to fly.

‘PS 290 stopped and assisted the bird by moving it to the side of the road and also gave it some water until the colleagues from the Police Administrative Law Enforcement came to assist.

‘No injuries were visible however the seagull was referred to the government vet for a check-up.

‘Well done Sergeant.’

Saving a seagull while on patrol…?‍♂️Last Friday while PS 290 J. Formosa from the Traffic section was on patrol at…

Publiée par The Malta Police Force sur Lundi 1 juillet 2019

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