Police Finds Cat Home Alone Blasting Music


Have you heard of the term “party animal” before? Well, this cat from Spain put a whole new meaning to it.



After hearing what they thought was a rowdy party in their neighbour’s unit, residents at the Ronda das Fontias apartment, resorted to calling the police to report it.


The neighbours had been unable to sleep due to the noise. Officers were astonished to discover that no one was home in the flat where the music was coming from. Then they realized out who was the actual thorn in their side.



The cat, nicknamed as “Feline DJ” by Spanish News Today, had managed to turn on a stereo and turn the volume all the way up with its paw while his owner was out of town, seemingly unconcerned about his neighbours’ sleep.


Thankfully, the owner was able to return home and deal with his mischievous cat, as well as a few irritated neighbours…



It’s unclear exactly what sort of music the cat was listening to at full blast, but I sure hope we had some Britney Spears and LMFAO classics. What do you think?

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