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Police Arrest Second Person in Relation to a Series of Robberies


The Police have arrested a second person in relation to a robbery which took place last week in the residency of a senior citizen in Imsida.

After taking to court a 45-year old woman last week, who was remanded in custody last week, the police have arrested a 44-year old woman who was allegedly involved in this robbery.

The Police have said that thanks to their ongoing investigations they have solved four other similar cases – two robberies in Birkirkara, one in Santa Venera and another one in Imsida – all of which took place in houses of senior citizens.

Both women were allegedly involved in all five robberies – knocking the door and stating that they work for an agency which offers services to old people. It is being alleged that as one of the women sat down to talk with the person, the other person committed the robbery.

Both women will be taken to court this morning. The 44-year old woman is also being accused of another robbery in Imsida.

Once again, the Police appealed to all vulnerable persons to not open their door unless they would be expecting someone to visit them or to bring them a delivery of sorts.