PM: “COVID-19 Vaccine to be Available in January”


Answering questions during a Q&A Session on Facebook last night, Prime Minister Robert Abela answered loads of questions from Maltese citizens, on various subjects. Obviously, one of the topics which were raised had to do with the COVID-19 Vaccine, of which we have been hearing in the past days and weeks.

The Prime Minister said that the vaccine should be available in Malta during January, adding that he is hoping for this to be early in January, but obviously the truth of the matter is that, the vaccines have to go through the authorisation process to be deemed safe and effective.



While saying that the vaccine will not be obligatory, the Prime Minister said that everyone should take the vaccine and confirmed that the vaccine supply in Malta will be enough for all the population.

Malta will be among the first EU countries to receive the vaccine following the European Commission’s endeavours to seal deals with the major pharmaceutical companies currently developing a COVID-19 vaccine including Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca and Moderna.