PlayBoy Model Parties As A Single Woman After Divorcing Herself


Beyonce wrote a whole song about being a ‘Single Lady’, so it’s great that all the single women out there channel this energy on Women’s Day and celebrate their independence. However, this Playboy model took it a step further.



Realising she was better off on her own, 34 year old PlayBoy model Cris Galera made headlines during the fall of 2021 as she announced she had married herself. Sounds a little crazy, but there is an actual word for it: Sologamy, and if there is a word for it then it must be legit, right?



Either way, she spent a solid three months happily married to herself before deciding the single life was her true calling. Ironically, she hadn’t married anyone else first place since she didn’t believe in the strength of marriage:

“I don’t believe in traditional marriage because they all always end.”



It seems like a bit of a self-contradiction to me. Either way, I’m sure there was a decent reason for divorcing herself, like finding a partner or maybe legal reasons right?

“I didn’t divorce myself because I got tired of myself. I like to have a very solid reason and that’s why [the partying].”




I must admit, although I can’t exactly party as a ‘single lady’ myself, there’s something about this idea that’s making me quite jealous. I guess when TGI Fridays call, you’ve got to answer with open arms! Although, it does seem like divorcing yourself is a lot of unnecessary work just to party a little.