Play Station 5 Goes for Thousands on Ebay!


Following the release of the eagerly awaited PS5, the console sold out in a matter of literal minutes. So, what do you do when you were not one of the lucky ones who pre-ordered? You turn to eBay!


PS5 UK console pre-orders selling for £7000 on eBay | Metro News


And if you are on the hunt for a Ps5 on eBay, one word of advice – make sure you bid on a real one! Otherwise, you’ll end up like that poor guy who bid over 7,000 pounds on just a photo of the Ps5!

People Are Selling PHOTOS Of PS5 Consoles For Thousands

Thing is, you can’t really blame the seller…since the product description quite literally indicates that you are simply bidding for a picture, not the real thing. For further clarification and proof, here’s the description…


“Brand new!! Ps5 Disc Edition PHOTO.
Condition is New.
This is a photo.
You will receive a picture through email once bidding ends.
Buyer must provide email adress after winning the auction. Thanks.”


But it turns out that there are many more similar bids from where that came from!

Honestly, we’re pretty speechless! All I can say is that I’d hate to be in that person’s shoes when the bidding ends…

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