Malta’s ‘top secret second airport opens on Filfla’

This ‘exclusive’ photo shows Malta’s ‘secret second airport’ has opened for business on the tiny island of Filfla.

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the man who’s been dubbed the Photoshop supremo of Malta.

Social media prankster John Scicluna from Rabat has had hundreds of Facebook users in hysterics in recent weeks with his side-splitting Maltese picture edits.

Here’s a selection of John’s brilliant sense of humour, poking fun at life in Malta and Gozo:


1. Floods turn Malta’s Chadwick Lakes into a whitewater rafting centre


2. Heavy rain transforms Rabat into ‘The New Venice’


3. The Gozo Road Bridge is officially opened


4. Engineers rebuild Gozo’s iconic Azure Window


5. Malta’s second airport runway opens on Filfla


6. The new Malta-Gozo monorail network is unveiled


7. A new sightseeing visitor centre opens on Gozo’s Xlendi Cliffs


8. Fresh salmon spotted leaping up the waterfall at Malta’s Chadwick Lakes


9. Pigeons make Malta’s new Parliament building their home


10. Malta faces its coldest winter ever, warn forecasters

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