WATCH: What pilots really see as they land in Malta

This is the moment a Ryanair pilot brings his jet carrying hundreds of passengers down onto the runway at Malta Airport.

Footage from the cockpit shows the captain of the plane smoothly bringing the jet down safely at Luqa.

The speed and rapid reactions all pilots must have can then be clearly seen as the ground rapidly rises up to meet the aircraft.

Malta from a pilot's eye view

'Fasten your seatbelts, we're about to arrive in Malta!'Stunning cockpit footage gives us a pilot's-eye view as a Ryanair Boeing 737 prepares to land on the runway at Malta's airport 🎥 📍 Ryanair Holidays

Publiée par Bay Easy sur Mardi 19 juin 2018


The captain landed his plane safely in Malta before sending the stunning two-minute clip to 89.7 Bay.

After the amazing footage was uploaded on Bay Easy’s award-winning Facebook page, social media were quick to react.

The must-see clip has promoted a range of reactions, from ‘beautiful’ to ‘terrifying’.

Joe Charlie Vella wrote: ‘Beautiful. Just like what you get on flight simulator..only this is real.’

Maggie Putt added: ‘Brilliant. I always wanted to ask once landed if I could sit in the pilot’s seat but never ask.’