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Pigeon Population In Malta Could Decrease By 80 % Due To Contraceptive Feed



A new initiative aimed at humanely reducing pigeon numbers without resorting to cruel methods might result in a dramatic reduction in the species.

This was stated by local activists where representatives for the animal rights NGO Time for Change explained that a project carried out with the Local Councils Association and pest management specialist Arnold Sciberras, will see pigeons given a targeted feeding program of contraceptive feed in the near future.



This follows the news that feeding areas will be constructed around Malta and Gozo, containing contraceptive feed. The pigeons will be fed at these stations on a regular and systematic basis, so that the pigeons become accustomed to going to the same feeding station at the same time every time.


According to a 2020 study, the city’s wild pigeon population decreased from 3,801 in 2017 to 1,814 in 2019, with a projection that the entire population will decrease by 71.5 percent in five years. Authorities calculated that the pigeon population had increased by 11% in control regions where contraceptive feed was not utilized.



NGO representatives stated that the project will begin soon, with the group presently awaiting the delivery of feed silos from overseas to commence installation.