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Photographer Captures Rare Photos of Black Leopard


An Indian photographer, Anurag Gawande, has managed to catch a stunning black leopard on camera, from just 30 feet away!


Wildlife photographer Anurag Gawande says he was just 30ft away from the leopard when he spotted the majestic black leopard (Credit: Caters)


Gawande is a wildlife photographer who saw the rare leopard while on a safari at Tadoba National Park in western Maharashtra state earlier in January! This male leopard is the rarest of its kind, with black spots distinctively visible in the shiny coat.



In the snap series, the leopard can be seen crossing a safari way and then staring straight at the camera!


Anurag said he saw the same black leopard a year ago (Credit: Caters)


The 24-year-old photographer shared, ‘It was surprising because we thought we will see a tiger, but we saw black leopard strolling on the pathway’. He also shared that he previously spotted the leopard last year, but was thrilled to have spotted him again!



‘I felt the same thrill while watching it but this time I was aware of its moment. We kept our vehicle off and kept enough distance so that it will not move from the spot…Then he saw a deer and then he tried to hunt that deer but he failed. Then again it came back on road and sat there for 15-20 minutes and we got some amazing shot of the majestic animal.’


The leopard can be seen crossing a safari way and then staring straight at the camera (Credit: Caters)


Anurag also added that ‘It is the only black leopard of Tadoba national park.’