Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Successfully Provokes Immune Response


There has never been a tighter race than the one to come up with THE COVID-19 Vaccine. In latest news, the vaccine which is being developed in the US by Pfizer, has passed safety and effectiveness tests in early clinical trials.

Early human trials of the vaccine have produced promising results. In fact, people who received the vaccine produced immune responses on par with – or better than – those who had actually had coronavirus in the past.



Moreover, no dangerous side effects were reported among the 36 adults who received the jab in the tests, who most commonly complained of headache and tiredness.

Pfizer’s vaccine attempt, which for the time being it is just calling BNT162b1, is the latest in a line of hopeful trial results, with other vaccines made in the United Kingdom by Oxford University and Imperial College London also showing early success signs in their human trial phase.