Petition To Ban Racists From Football Matches Indefinitely Reaches 1,000,000 Goal


One million people have now signed a petition to ban all racists from English football matches for life. The petition emerged due to horrific, vile online abuse targeting Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka, who missed their penalties in the Euros final against Italy.



Although captain Harry Kane, manager Gareth Southgate, the FA, celebrities, and millions of fans have rebuked the racism, a petition has been gaining traction to prohibit racists from ever attending a football game in the country.



In under three days, the petition has managed to amass one million signatures. The petition reads, ‘As multi-racial football fans, we finally feel represented by this anti-racist and inclusive England team. We could not be more proud or inspired by our magnificent team and by their talent, bravery, leadership and love for all.’



‘Gareth Southgate’s England team plays for ALL of us. Their vision is an inclusive vision and this matters more than EVER – it’s why we feel proud of this team and why they’re so cherished and loved by many of us,’ it continues.



The petition concludes, ‘There should be no room for racists and bigotry in football or society. We are calling for the Football Association and the government to work together now to ban all those who have carried out racist abuse, online or offline, from all football matches in England for life. Our England team stood up for all of us – now we must stand up for them,’.


One man from Powsck has also been held by police on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, connected with a racist tweet sent to Rashford.