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Peter the dog sniffs out illegal cash at Malta’s airport

Customs officials have seized more than €233,000 in undeclared cash at Malta’s airport.

Officers discovered nearly €5,000 being carried by a passenger in the departures lounge on Tuesday.

His suitcases were offloaded from a plane and an additional €10,000 were found hidden in various clothing items in the luggage.

€10,000 were returned to the passenger while the rest of the money was seized.

EU laws state that passengers may not carry more than €10,000 in undeclared cash.

The second seizure was discovered by Peter the sniffer dog, pictured above, while screening passengers departing for Istanbul.

A search of a passenger’s luggage yielded €210,000.

The passenger was arrested.

The average dog’s nose is tens of thousands of times more sensitive to smells as a human nose.