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Peter Attard Won €1000 Today In The Decathlon Hide & Seek!


The time has finally come to crown our lucky winners of this year’s Decathlon Hide & Seek!


Peter Attard has won, collected all the clues, drove all around Malta, solved our riddles, and found Daniel & Ylenia… and most importantly they have won €1000 in cold. hard. cash.



*Spoiler Alert* Daniel & Ylenia were hidden away in the White Tower in Mellieħa in the upper-most part of Malta. With a stack of cash and a set of clues, this morning at 10:00 AM, they kicked off the annual Hide & Seek and let the madness ensue …


Hundreds of people drove all over the island listening out to 89.7 Bay for more clues and locations. This year we shook things up a bit and our eventual winners had to pick up physical clues from 4 select locations. They also had to take and upload Instagram stories at these locations. Only then could they get their hands on the win.



Every hour hundreds of people stormed Decathlon, Brown’s Pharmacy, and more to get their physical clue and get one step closer to the big cash prize.


But at the end of the day, it was Peter Attard who got all the pieces to the puzzle first.


What about you? Were you close? Did you figure out our secret location?



As always, this has been a blast and we want to thank everyone who took part in the fun… Until next year!


Major thanks also go to Decathlon, Brown’s Pharmacy, Wasteserv, and Real Estate Market for supporting us and powering the Decathlon Hide & Seek.