Pet Owner Calls For License For Dog Groomers After Family Pet Died


A distraught pet owner is calling for pet grooming to be licensed and professionally regulated after their beloved and healthy pet died following his usual grooming session.



Nine year old Yorkshire Terrier, named Bolt, passed away last week after his owner, Miguel Buttigieg dropped him off at the groomer for a regular session only to rush to the emergency vet a few hours later due to a trachea injury.


Call for licence for dog groomers after family terrier dies


Buttigieg said that it was just a matter of hours where the situation went from having a healthy dog to walking away with a lifeless body.


He further stated that they lost Bolt not due to old age or a disease but due to negligence.



This sudden loss of their first pet has left Bolt’s owners devastated, hoping that no other dog has to suffer such a fate.


Buttigieg explained that the groomer used a cable grooming noose on his dog which likely led to the injury and whilst it is very much possible that all dogs develop tracheal collapse, Yorkshire Terriers and other similar small dog breeds are more prone to it.


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He said that this accident could have been avoided and he is now calling for the profession to be regulated and for the groomers to be held to some sort of standard.



Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina said she had finalised and submitted a report recommending the regularisation of pet groomers, sitters and trainers and it was now up to the authorities to enact them into law.


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“These professionals are entrusted with our pets, often at times when their owners cannot be present, so they should be regularised,” Bezzina said.


For many people, it’s like leaving your kids, behind.





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