Pet Cat ‘Cries’ Into Security Camera Whenever Owners Leave


It’s national love-your-pet day, and we’ve got an adorable story for you of a pet cat who surely loves their owners… so much so that the cat cries into the security camera when the owners leave, as the footage sweetly caught!


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Fu Fu is a British Shorthair cat from the Chinese city of Xuzhou and was left behind by his owner Ms. Meng, who had headed off to celebrate the Lunar New Year at her parents’ house.



Since he’s a shy cat, the owner opted to leave him alone, but when Ms. Meng called him through the monitor, the footage showed the feline’s eyes well up with tears, and ever since, the video racked up over eight million likes!


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Ms. Meng shared that Fu Fu is a clingy cat who often cries when he feels anxious or hungry. To ensure he’s left well-fed in her absence, Ms. Meng left enough food and water for him and made sure to keep a close eye on him through surveillance footage.



In the footage, Ms. Meng is heard telling Fu Fu, ‘I will come back in a few days,’ asking him, ‘Do you miss me?’ His reaction clearly says it all! Fu Fu even touches the camera with his paw, his eyes wet with tears.


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Ms. Meng then decided to cut her trip short, ‘I felt heartbroken when I saw this. I had planned to stay at my parents’ home for a week, but we all returned to Xuzhou early.’


Ms. Meng then shared a clip of the cat rushing joyfully towards her upon her return…so cute!


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