Pepper Spray Alternative Helping To Prevent Domestic Abuse Cases


UK officers have started distributing a new gadget that may keep women safer from domestic abuse. This tech is called SmartWater, which is a forensic liquid that only shows up under UV light.



According to BBC, this forensic liquid stays on the skin for up to six weeks and stays much longer when sprayed on clothing.



After a perpetrator showed up at a victim’s Wakefield residence on January 17 this year, the force was able to secure the first conviction utilizing it.


SmartWater was found on his clothes after his arrest, and he was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison for violating a non-molestation order and harassment.


“Using past experience in forensic marking and engaging with a victim of domestic abuse and other professionals, I shaped this approach to meet the needs of victims and ensure that, if offences couldn’t be deterred, we had the best possible evidence to help bring perpetrators to justice.” – Lee Berry, West Yorkshire Police Detective Superintendent



This gadget is similar to Pepper Spray however it does not harm the abuser but just marks him as a perpetrator.