People In Taiwan Are Changing Their Names To ‘Salmon’ To Score Free Sushi


Due to a special promotion at a popular sushi chain in Taiwan, dozens of people have been changing their names to ‘salmon’ in order to claim some free sushi and to say the least, we admire their sheer determination …


sushi on black ceramic plate


Basically, a sushi chain known as Akindo commenced a promotion offering free meals if the visitors can prove that their name is ‘salmon’ (guiyu), and ever since, at least 20 people have applied to go by the unusual name.



Taiwan’s household registration offices saw a skyrocket in applications over the past week, so much so that officials are now asking people to stop visiting the offices for this purpose. In response, Deputy Interior Minister Chen Tsung-yen added, ‘I hope everyone can be more rational about it’.


sushi on black ceramic plate


However, this grew into a problem as several people kept trying to change their name in exchange for free sushi which hey, I totally get… fish wrapped in rice can be pretty pricey yet tempting…



Especially when such an application in Taiwan costs less than €3! I mean, come on! One student changed her name to ‘Salmon Rice Bowl’ to enjoy a free meal with her friends, sharing she would change it back the next day.


sliced fruits on white ceramic plate


Meanwhile, some people were able to enjoy over €400 worth of sushi in one sitting, posting that they ‘do not think [they] will want to eat salmon again for a while.’ Oof. That must’ve been one hell of a food coma.


Anyways…as a fellow sushi lover, I’m not so sure I would’ve hopped on this whole name-changing frenzy, but honestly, I have some profound respect towards those determined enough to change their name in the name of sushi! (pun unintended).  

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