People In Quarantine Could Be Voting Via Drive-Through Next Election


Individuals who are currently in quarantine may be able to vote in the next general election via ‘drive-through’ polling booths.


Two sources close to the electoral commission told Times of Malta that there could be a good alternative for voting from quarantine.



“We are trying to give every eligible voter the chance to cast their ballot, even if they have contracted COVID-19. However, for logistical purposes, there will have to be a cut-off date as to when someone declared positive can be reassigned to vote at one of these drive-through booths”


So, if someone tests positive a day or two before voting they probably won’t be able to still. For this reason, people can vote earlier than usual with the drive-thru. This is similar to early voting available to the elderly.


The electoral commission might introduce this alternative so that everyone can get a chance to vote.



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