People In Malta Named Streets After Their Ex… And They’re Absolutely Hilarious

Earlier this week, Pierre and Taryn asked you guys an interesting question during Bay Drive: if you had to name a street after your ex … what would you name it? And the replies … my oh my.

If ministers and counselors had to take your suggestions and implement them into actual road names…. all we’re saying is – good luck explaining that to your kids.

Without further ado – here are some of the street names we would have if we based them on your exes (Sass alert)

Triq il-Falza
Triq il-Qerda
Triq l-Incerta

That doesn’t sound too bad actually…

Triq il- Gidra
Triq Ma jafx x’laqtu

I think we can all, in some ways, relate to this

Triq iz-zibel

Aaah, yes, the maltese classic – ziblu.

Triq xi dwejjaq fih
Triq il-giddieb

Triq il-hmieg
Triq l-injorant
Triq il-barri bi qrun ta’ cerva

Now that is some creativity right there. Could easily double as a town emblem too…

Triq iz-zibel t’Ghawdex kollu

That must not have been a nice break-up huh?

Triq riha ta demel

Might actually be fitting for some roads, yeah.

The cheating street


What about you? What would a street be called if it were named after your ex? Let us know in the comments.


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