People Have Just Realised Professor Snape is The Only Harry Potter Character That Never Changes His Clothes


One of the things we love most about the Harry Potter franchise is the fantastic costumes. From Dumbledore’s silk robes to Dolores Umbridge’s pink ensembles, each outfit parallels with the numerous personalities of the beloved movies…but did you know Severus Snape wore the same black outfit throughout all of the movies?


Severus Snape - Wikipedia


This recently boomed on Twitter, after someone realized that the terrifying professor never changed his iconic black robe…and now we’re kind of stuck on it…



Now don’t me wrong, the outfit perfectly matches his personality, but why is he the ONLY character to never change costumes? Costume designer, Jany Temine, even confirmed that she ‘never changed Professor Snape’.



She explained, ‘I used the Professor Snape costume and I remade it. I made another cape. I always kept Professor Snape [as he was] because I thought it was a great costume.’



Whilst she did indeed make some adjustments to some other of the other costumes, after joining in on the franchise by the third movie, she elaborated, ‘It was perfect…When something is perfect you cannot change it…And he never changes, Professor Snape. He’s the sort of guy who goes to bed in his costume. Bless him, Alan Rickman.’

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