People Have Been Making Literal English Translations For Classic Maltese Phrases And We’re Dying

A post on popular Facebook group the Salott, has gathered over 700 comments in 48 hours, with people commenting with their funniest literal English to Maltese translations.

While we’d love to share all the works with you, let’s just say some of them aren’t exactly PG friendly. You can follow and read the whole list of translations on The Salott Facebook page, but in the meantime, here’s a list of the hilarious PG friendly creations they’ve come up with.

It doesn’t go around my belly button!

Qas idurli maz-zokkra

Loosen your hair and get the oil

Holl xaghrek u gib iz-zejt

You slept uncovered ?

Irqadt mikxuf?

You’re mixing farts and lettuce

Qed thallat il-hass mal-bass

Go and water the marsa lettuce

Mur saqqi l-hass tal-Marsa

Not with the jokes I tell you

Mhux bic-cajt qed nghidlek!



Don’t cross the road how come come cause a car will come and fly you

Taqsamx it-triq kif gie gie, ghax tigi karozza u ttajrek.

Things that run

Affarjiet li jigru

Donkey nights

Hmar il-lejl

I’ve got 700 years..

Ghandi seba’ mitt sena

Farting meal

Ikla tboss

He was coming for his own god

Kien gej ghal Alla tieghu

You narrowed the hole of my eye

Dejjaqtli t-toqba t’ghajni

Don’t put me in any onions 

Idahhalnix f’basal

 I come fall and get up

Nigi naqa’ u nqum

 One hundred times and the thousand

Mitt darba u elf

Depends on the hit we dance

Skond id-daqqa nizfnu

You have no bread in you

Ma fikx hobz

Give me a hit of the hand

Tini daqqa t’id


And honestly, we could go on and on and on, cause there were so many to choose from!

You’ve got to give it to us Maltese though, we’ve got a never-ending list of sayings to express ourselves, one more entertaining than the other.

Posts like these really make us appreciate our language more doesn’t it?

Can you think of any other literal translations that would sound weird or funny?