People Around Malta Have Been Bulk Buying These Products and We Can’t Cope

With the way Maltese people have been acting due to the coronavirus scare , you’d think the world is coming to an end.

Yesterday, our feeds were full of photos of people at the supermarket mass buying products like there’s no tomorrow. And I have to admit, some things that people were buying in bulk were really questionable…


Yeah I get this. It’s easy to cook, it’s cheap, it’s long-lasting.

Let’s be honest, we’d take any excuse to eat pasta all day every day.

And people have really been going for it with the pasta thing.. look at all the empty pasta shelves.

Somewhere, in some region of Italy, an old Italian nanna is squealing in delight.

Toilet Paper


Now, I have been trying to decipher this for proper hours. Why is there such a need to buy an infinite amount of toilet paper?

I mean, hear me out on this one…. Yes, you need it to blow your nose… but worst comes to worst, can’t you use a piece of cloth and wash it? Our ancestors had not issue using a handkerchief and they turned out just fine.

And if mother nature calls and you have to get your business over and done with, you can use water to wash yourself clean.

I cannot understand the insane amount of toilet paper people have been buying.

If someone can shed some light for me on this, I would highly appreciate it.

Chicken Flavoured Twistees


I’m sorry but this one…

I looove twistees. They’re the cheese flavoured snack that bring joy to children and adults alike.

But chicken twistees? Really?? How does one make a conscious decision to bulk buy twistees, that is not cheese flavoured?

Lady, if you plan on surviving what’s the equivalent of months of quarantine (at least that’s what it looks like from the sheer amount of things you’re buying) on chicken twistees … I don’t know what to tell you.



At this rate, this family right here will be eating cornflakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner … for months after we’ve figured out a cure to the coronavirus.

And while I was browsing through my feed with all these photos popping up… one question kept recurring in my mind. I think this is what baffled me the most out of all this… Why was no one bulk buying tea?

I’ll just leave you with that question. 

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