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People Are Using A Light Therapy Device To Help Tackle The Winter Blues


We’re well over a month into winter by now and for some people, the dreary winter weather also kickstarts some winter blues. In fact, many people worldwide also struggle with something more severe, Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp


This seasonal mood disorder is more common among women and can trigger serious changes in mood or behavior, with symptoms that last up to five months. Luckily, a light therapy device is considered to be an effective way to combat the seasonal gloom!



Basically, the device stimulates outdoor light – and researchers believe that exposure to it can cause a ‘chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood’. It can also aid with sleep issues and other forms of depression.


SAD Lamps: Features, How to Use, Recommended Products


It can also help reset the body’s biological clock, enhance alertness, improve sleep, and increase serotonin. However, researcher Dr. Saltz warns that light therapy devices must have a minimum of 10,000 lux of white full-spectrum light and must be used correctly.



A psychiatrist should also be consulted on recommendations for the right distance, strength, and duration of your treatment – as well as the best time of day!


Best Light Therapy Lamps for Energy, Better Sleep and SAD (2020) - Rolling  Stone


You should also make sure to buy one that filters out UV light, in order to avoid damaging the skin or eyes during the (most of the time) 20-minute treatment. Apparently, ever since this product has been introduced to the market, several people have claimed that it is ‘life-changing’.


Would you give it a shot?