People Are Trying To Make Easter Trees “A Thing” Now


Move over Valentine’s Day and Christmas trees, because it’s Easter’s time to strive now! It’s a no-brainer that the past year has been incredibly hard for everyone, with many being separated from loved ones and confined to their homes, but to help keep spirits up, people have been making Easter Trees this year. Yep, Easter trees.


Honestly, I’m indifferent about them – but it’s kinda cute, won’t lie. With some countries still in lockdown or quasi-lockdown, people are choosing to turn to their good ol’ Christmas tree and sprucing it up with an Easter makeover full of bunnies, eggs, and chocolate decorations!



How you choose to decorate your Easter tree is entirely down to you though – some have decked their tree out ENTIRELY with numerous egg and bunny decorations, whilst some kept it more low-key with small egg-themed tinsel and feathers for a fresh, spring look!


This “trend” isn’t entirely new by the way… it’s actually a centuries-old tradition in Germany, where people gather branches and decorate them with eggs and lights. Cute.


You just can’t it, holiday-themed décor is always pretty adorable isn’t it? Plus, it makes for a fun activity if you have kids!

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