People Are Just Finding Out Mr Bean Was In Lion King


The people of the internet have recently discovered that Mr. Bean – aka Rowan Atkinson – portrayed the voice of Zazu in The Lion King. And now that we know it’s him, it makes complete sense…


Pin on Lion King


This discovery first surfaced on – you guessed it, TikTok; with one user explaining that they never realised it was him.



All commenters seemed to agree too, with one person commenting: ‘Omg no way!’ and another adding: ‘I’M SORRY WHAT?’.


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However, some users weren’t really impressed, but rather thought it was all quite obvious, with one sharing: ‘You guys didn’t recognise his voice?!’ and another asking, ‘I mean how can you not notice?!’.


And we have the audacity to call ourselves Lion King fans…

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