People With Wandering Minds Have Sharper Brains

According to a study, if you find yourself blanking out or staring out the window often, it’s likely that that means you have a sharper mind!





Research suggests that day-dreaming leads to an increase in creativity, as well as finding it easier to solve problems. Allowing yourself to separate from your reality and dive into a problem in an open mental space has proved to lead to better creative results.



Having a wandering mind also makes you happier, as you’re able to continue a boring task while musing about topics that interest you or that might need to be solved more urgently. Meaning that you are able to carry out the task at hand all while finding solutions to other problems. This leads to an increase in job performance, as you are able to multitask and develop your mind to apply to your job.





Finally, having your head in the clouds has the additional benefit of giving you extra time to plan ahead and set your goals. Being able to set yourself a course in life while carrying out tasks in the present can help motivate you, and has proven to lead to higher likelihood of success!


How often do you get lost in thought?