Pastizzi With Tomato Sauce? Well That’s New…

A post on Facebook group ‘Maltese Australian Cooking’ baffled many Maltese when it asked a peculiar question…

“I’m having a debate with my husband. He thinks tomato sauce belongs with pastizzis. I beg to differ! Why would you wreck an already perfect food item?” The post goes.

Tomato sauce … and pastizzi…

You can imagine the kind of comments the post got 

And I think it would be a no for me too… however, let’s just say not everyone agreed.

Some actually gave some even weirder suggestions.

One user even suggested sweet-chili sauce as a side sauce to pastizzi.

And something I actually wouldn’t mind trying is..

To be honest, the more I read, the weirder it got…

Who hurt this person??

Nancy… I am genuinely worried about your wellbeing, sis.

And of course, like any other posts of the sort, we found some comedy gold we had to share.

If there’s anything this post has taught us – it’s to not mess with Maltese people and their pastizzi.

What do you think? Should we start adding sauces to our pastizzi? Let us know in the comments!


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