Pastizzi Prices Are Rising Again By 10c Each


Pastizzi prices have gone up by 10c at most stores and are expected to continue to do so due to the cost of ingredients.




The famous Maltese snack has gone up in price from 40c to 50c. Cheddar cheese was formerly sold for €2.90 per kilo, but it has now risen to €5.15 per kilo in just three weeks, a proprietor of a popular pastizzeria told Times of Malta.


Sunflower oil also doubled its price, initially costing €1.70 per litre and now €3.80.



Furthermore, there is also an increase in prices of margarine, eggs and chicken breast – all ingredients needed for pastizzi.


  • 10kg box of margarine doubled from €11 to 20.
  • A box of canned tuna went from €46 to €56.
  • Chicken breasts went from €5.50 to €8.



Source: Times of Malta