Labour wins Malta’s Euro election by 42,656 votes

The European Parliament elections were held on Saturday, with the Partit Laburista leading a comfortable victory with more that 42,600 votes.

Six of the 41 candidates who contested were elected to represent Malta in the EP for the next five years, with two new faces.

The PL won four of the six seats. The MEPs elected were Miriam Dalli, Alfred Sant, Alex Agius Saliba and Josianne Cutajar from the PL, and Roberta Metsola and David Casa from the PN.

Partit Laburista finished with a 42,656 vote majority over the Nationalist Party. This is a historic vote, and the largest amount of votes the PL has acquired in an election led by Prime Minister and leader of the Partit Laburista Joseph Muscat.

The PL received 141,267 votes, the PN received 98,611 votes, Imperium Europa received 8,238 votes, PD received 5,276 votes, AD received 1,866 votes, AB received 1,186 votes, Moviment Patrijotti Maltin received 771 votes, Brain Not Ego received 323 votes, and Independent candidates received 2,674 votes. There were 9,810 invalid votes.

Worryingly this means that Malta’s Far-Right Party is currently the third most popular in the country.


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