Paris St Germain and Manchester United charged by Uefa

Manchester United and Paris St Germain have been charged by Uefa following violence during Tuesday night’s Champions League match at Old Trafford.

United supporters have been charged with throwing objects and blocking stairways.

PSG fans were charged with throwing objects, setting off fireworks, acts of damage and crowd disturbance.

A beer bottle was thrown from the crowd towards PSG’s former United winger Angel Di Maria in the second half of the last-16 first leg, with the Argentinian responding by picking it up and seemingly pretending to take a swig from it.

It was reported that a bottle of water was thrown Di Maria’s way as well, and an item landed at the feet of United full-back Luke Shaw in the first half of the game, which the visitors won 2-0.

The case will be dealt with by Uefa on February 28.