Parents to Get 10 Days of Leave from Next Year, as Employment and Industrial Relations Law is to be Revised


The work-life balance of parents all over Malta and Gozo is set to take a turn for the better, as the government is planning to introduce a 10-day leave period for all parents. This is aimed at encouraging joint responsibilites in children’s upbringing, as well as at making it easier for parents to fully participate in their family life.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela announced this during a meeting at the University of Malta, where the main item on the agenda was the changes which are needed in the Employment and Industrial Relations law.

Minister Abela said that through these 10 days of leave for parents, if, for example, a parent has to leave work for reasons relating to his or her children, instead of availing himself or herself of reduced hours of work or of normal vacation leave, he or she can use hours (or days) from the 10 days of parental leave.



The Minister said that a holistic consultation process with all stakeholders will take place so that everyone’s voice and view is heard, and duly considered.

The University of Malta, Pro Rector, Professor Carmen Sammut, said that any changes to the legislation need to take into consideration all the different elements within our society, while also spoke of the importance of the ‘equal work for equal pay’ concept.

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