Parents Of Late Julian Spiteri Shares Their Sons’ Words Of Wisdom He Lived By


The parents of the late 19 year old Julian Spiteri who aspired to be a lawyer before tragically died in a car accident shared Julian’s words of wisdom which include rules for life and inspirations for his future.


These notes were shares as a message to other youths following similar dreams in their life.



Julian’s father, Adrian Spiteri shared these handwritten notes in tribute to his son and they are the proof of the wonderful characteristics Julian had before his untimely passing.


Julian’s scribbles show us how kind and determined Julian was an individual.


Spiteri wrote that these are the reasons why his son chose to study law. He further explained that this note was stuck on the cork board at his desk as a reminder and would refer to it when questions arise whether he was in the right course.


Spiteri added that he hopes that this serves as an inspiration to others who consider following the legal path.



Spiteri also shared his son’s 13 rules for life:


The family stated that these rules are like instructions he left for them on how to survive without his physical presence, particularly by his last rule.



Julian Spiteri lost his life after being involved in a traffic accident last April. A passenger, 19 year old Matthew Tabone was also involved in the same accident where he was treated for injuries.


Following the traffic accident, social media was overflowing with messages and tributes being paid to the youth who was remembered as a ”gentlemen” and ”one of a kind”.

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