Parents jailed for putting baby daughter on vegan diet

A couple have been jailed for putting their toddler on a vegan diet ‘that nearly killed her’.

Doctors said the 18-month-old girl weighed around half the normal weight for her age when she was brought unconscious to a children’s hospital in Sweden.

Her parents had fed her a strict diet of just breast milk, fruit, vegetables and brown rice.

The couple, who have not been identified, took their daughter to the Queen Silvia’s Hospital in Gothenburg in February, claiming she was suffering from an upset stomach.

However, hospital staff said she was so malnourished they had to consult colleagues who had worked with starving children in Africa.

Her parents were charged with gross negligence in court and jailed for three months.

The judge ruled that the couple should pay €5,500 in damages to their daughter, insisting that a child’s basic needs should come before its parents’ lifestyle choices.

The girl was put in temporary foster care.